Mixed medias on canvas 200 x 200 cm, 78 x 78 ''




Born in Sweida City (Syria) in 1983, Shadi Abousada currently lives in Beirut.

Through, installations and videos, Shadi Abousada deals with reality and his personal life in a symbolic fashion, using a sarcastic or mysterious tone to trigger the viewer’s attention and curiosity.

A graduate from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Damascus University in 2008, Shadi Abousada is known for his urban scenes, sometimes brightly lighted, sometimes deeply filled with significance.



Shadi Abousada est né a Sweida en 1983, il vit et travaille a Beyrouth. Artiste travaillant aussi bien avec la peinture que les installations ou la vidéo, Shadi traite de la réalité et de sa vie personnelle d'une manière symbolique, usant d'un ton sarcastique ou mystérieux pour attirer l'attention et la curiosité du spectateur.

Diplomé de la Faculté des Beaux-Arts de Damas en 2008, Shadi Abousada est connu pour ses scènes urbaines, a la fois lumineuses et lourdes de sens.



Collective Exhibitions

2015 Mark Hachem Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon

2013 Mark Hachem Gallery Support for Schools Syrian Children, Beirut, Lebanon

         Syrian Private Collection 1987-2013 in Solidere, Mark Hachem Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon

         ARTLAB Gallery , Beirut , Lebanon

2012 ARTBLOOM , Beirut , Lebanon

2011 The annual Spring Exhibition, at Khan Asa’ad Pasha, Damascus, Syria

2010 Opera House, Damascus, Syria 

         The annual Spring Exhibition, at Khan Asa’ad Pasha, Damascus, Syria

2009 Union ofSyrian Students, Damascus, Syria

         French Cultural Center , Damascus, Syria

2008 College of Fine Arts , Damascus, Syria

         Fine Artists Association, Syria

2007 Goethe Institute. Damascus, Syria

         Mediterranean Countries Exhibition, at faculty of Fine Arts, Damascus ,Syria

2006 Group exhibition (VideoArt ) titled ((Voice )), Damascus, Syria

         Faculty of Fine Arts, Damascus ,Syria

2005 Arab Cultural Center , Sweida City, Syria