" Unveiling the Elemental "

september 15 - septembre 28 2023

Location: 28 place des Vosges, 75003

"Unveiling the Elemental: Jean Boghossian's Solo Exhibition showcases the artist's mastery over fire, texture, and form across three distinct series: 'Rhythms,' 'Broken Burnt Lines,' and the seminal 'Wave.' While 'Rhythms' orchestrates a dance of fire and paper to create captivating, textural landscapes, and 'Broken Burn Lines' flirts with the ephemeral through delicately burnt layers, it's in 'Wave' that Boghossian plunges us into a maritime odyssey. This wave—born from an inspired blend of plaster and pigment, that became an unintentional homage to Hokusai— captures not just the sea, but embodies the core elements: fire, water, earth, and air. Anchored in the maritime yet infinite in its reach, 'Wave' captures Boghossian's ongoing exploration of nature's ever-changing canvases and the transformative energy of the elements. “