Journeys into the Future through the Sea of the Past by Nasr-eddine Bennacer

Location: Mark Hachem Gallery - Beirut

An exhibition curated by Sumesh Sharma and Joud Halawani Al Tamimi, “Journeys into the Future Through the Sea of the Past” is the Algerian artist Nacer’s response to the current global situation. Bringing together installations, paintings, video and photography, Al-Tamimi writes: “This exhibition probes notions of identity and borders in relation to geopolitics and violence, but also with respect to the individual psyche. At a time when division trumps mobilization, and conflict and prejudice are rampant, this exhibition presents an apt and necessary inquiry into the politics of the neoliberal order, albeit by way of a largely personal and intimate journey.” The artist tackles profound questions on the evolution of links between civilizations and cultures. He also looks deeply at the ambiguity that exists in human relationships and interaction. This exploration focuses on the forms of manipulation and exploitation of conflicts, either for the individual or at a more global scale: Is the aggressor always the one demonstrating power or influence or do either political and economic forces interfere through sentiment and the intellect?, creating tensions between an ideology and its realization.

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